“The secret to modelling is not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

“We are often taught to look for the beauty in all things, so in finding it, the layman asks the philosopher while the philosopher asks the photographer.”
― Criss Jami, Killosophy

This book is the result of my detailed interaction with models and model mentors who strongly feel that there is no literature existing in an organised format to work as a guide; or to introduce to the nuisances and challenges of the fashion model Industry. The book is an attempt to address the aspirations of thousands of young men and women who need answers to some of the very basic questions about their chosen career. They at times, end up in scams and are exploited financially. In worst cases they get physically/sexually abused or are blackmailed/ duped. Further, there is a need to build confidence in young minds by making them prepared for the industry which is fast paced, young, skill based and unorganised sector in India and abroad. The aim is not just to prepare a fit or good looking model but an informed person. This will enable him or her to grow as an Intelligent Fashion model (and not just a hanger for clothes), thus contributing substantially to the fashion industry.

This book is a pioneer work. There is no work to compare or use as a reference. This book is being written to fill the vacuum and set a benchmark for reference. The internet is filled with titbits on the issue but there is no comprehensive material on the subject. It will act as a valuable resource for all the stake holders.

The target audience for this book are the aspiring models or the newcomers and even those models who want mid course corrections. This book will also benefit model groomers who intend to learn while they mentor a model; Further the book will be useful for the agencies/clients which hire or sign a contract with models for a job. The larger aim of this book will be to help the academicians/observers who intend to study this unorganised sector and bring changes in it to provide maximum benefit to the affected and ensure transparency in dealings in the fashion industry.

The main basis for deciding the contents of this book is identification of core areas of concern for a model based on the feedback received through a questionnaire prepared by the author and analysed by experts of the industry to get a 360 degree view of the subject. Further, the author’s own experience as a photographer and elaborate interaction with models, groomers and modelling agencies will add the desired inputs in evolving the book. The author has taken contributions on certain topics from the experts in the field for accurate narrative.

The book consists of a number of chapters elaborating the various issues that the model faces in his career from making a portfolio to networking or applying to agencies and clients; While the main author,Colonel Gaurav Vashishtha (Yours truly, GV the Lensman) has written most of the chapters in the book; certain topics have been covered by the experts from the related Industry. The following have written and contributed towards specific chapters and subjects in the book:

Shamsi Abbas Rizvi, producer in Bollywood and a life coach.

Ell Adam (Lawal A), Founder and CEO of Enrole Models

Dr Neerja Pandey, Psychologist and Counsellor

Dr Kalpana Pathak, Dermatologist

Anmolpreet Singh, model and a Psychological Counsellor

Mrs Divya Vashishtha, Additional District and Session Judge

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Instagram @i_am_siddhantgupta

The best in Fashion photography and fine arts ; his work reminds of greats like Bruce Weber and Peter Linderbergh; My journey as a model, who needed a great profile, started with Him. Truly international Master.



Instagram @modelnaren

He is not only a good photographer but a superb mentor and can teach you posing when you do test shoots with him; Simply the finest around


Aditya Pandey

Instagram @addyxmodel

Iconic !!!!… that is the word to describe his work; do not miss the opportunity to work with the Master as I would like to address him!!


Ankit Teotia

Instagram @ankitteo007

As a new comer he was the one who made my profile which gave me recognition ; his guidance and mentoring helped me in modelling ; the same is given in his book “model mentor : an insider’s guide to becoming a fashion model” which I suggest all youngsters to read
His work as a Photogrpaher is legendary


Prashant Siwach

Instagram @prasshant07

Simply fabulous master of photography


Mohit Balyan

Instagram @mohit.balyan

He is the best mentor and photographer combo one can have ; I was doing modelling in India and GV took me to another level ; I shifted to Dubai and got some great international assignments
His picture attracted a lot many clients and agencies which helped me creating my portfolio
He is amazing human being and a great professional
You must get his book and get the right guidance


Anmolpreet Singh

Instagram @anmolpreet.singh01

I was lost and didn't know how to start my modeling career again after the pandemic.
In those moments of darkness, Gaurav sir spotted me on my Instagram. It was a boost of confidence and hope for me. His passion towards his art and professional approach is impeccable. I love how he makes the models feel very comfortable and brings out the best side for the camera. He guided me as a mentor and groomed me into a better version of myself.
Thank you GV the lensman. You have been a blessing.



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GV is an exceptional model mentor and a professional photographer. His knowledge and experience in the field of fashion is an absolute treasure for all aspiring models.
Grateful to have him.✨


Veer Singh

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It’s all about being yourself no obligations no pressure ; that’s his work style and that’s how you slowly transforms you ; he can bring recognition to you by sheer photography ; and he teaches you as he clicks ; Get his book 📕 now ; it’s first in India and even world I feel to be so comprehensively written on the subject .


ELAN Mandal

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One of the finest and flexible photographer i have worked with. It's very amazing how he capture and create the concept .He mentored me patiently as he knew my inhibitions about communication ; his advices at the right moment saved me from exploitations .
Thanks for improving my profile. 💐

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